Hello, we are a laboratory of dreams.

Naming Lab is a startup focused on creating strategic brand names. Our mission is to have a relationship of partnership, dedication and respect with people and companies that will make a difference in the market. Our names carry identity and purpose; we can say that, in fact, we are a laboratory of dreams.

Client: Naming Lab | Year: 2022

Service: Identidade Visual

Art direction, Illustration and Motion: Jotta Torres

Revision: Jéssica Catarine

Translation: Giovana Torres

Owners: Jotta Torres and KJ Comunicação

The Naming Lab identity carries two large and important concepts transmitted through the logo and illustrations.

The transformation present in your logo is full of movement. An exclusive typography was developed, bringing authenticity and exclusivity to the brand.

We were able to make the concept of being a name laboratory tangible with the illustrations. They, along with the brand's vivid colors, are vibrant, creative, and reflect the importance of collaboration and partnership. The forms of the illustrations are free, without much concern for the “rules”.

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