The Nonix is a brazilian illustration agency, the company was created by a group of 5 friends, who had in common the desire of undertake and the enchantment of illustration. The task of prospect clients, deal with contracts and making demands are very present in the daily life of the freelancer artist, and, for sure, is the most boring part. But you can delegate these functions through an agent or an agency.

What made the concept behind this visual identity so interesting was that in the meetings held, it was very clear that each of the 5 friends had outstanding personalities and different from each other. So the solution created was that each letter of the name "nonix" would be represented by a different typography, and each typography would represent one of its creators, and to guide this representation the use of archetypes was essential.

Client: Nonix | Year: 2022

Service: Identidade Visual

Art direction, Illustration and Motion: Jotta Torres

Translation: Giovana Torres

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