Todo Azul is a representative office that has been in the market since 2018, wants to make the best deal for the shopkeeper, giving full support when buying and selling. The team works towards this, to better serve customers. It's a company that holds the customer's hand from start to finish, and values the benefit of all parties.

It is very clear how important the customer is, and not just the customer, but all the people and companies involved with Todo Azul Representação. The word "cycle" was the key to the construction of the symbol, as it was through it that the image above was found and everything started to fit together. The symbol's idea is to represent the movement of a complete cycle, the image was a great inspiration in its creation. The symbol It is divided into 3 parts, each part with a different shade of blue, thus representing Todo Azul, the client and the represented brand.

Client: Todo Azul Representação | Year: 2022

Service: Identidade Visual

Art direction and Motion: Jotta Torres

Translation: Giovana Torres

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